The act of love and caring for each other is the foundation and inspiration of the brand: security and the feeling of being at home. 

„Warmwear“ playfully stands for high-quality warming products that simultaneously combine fashion and interior accessories. The new term defines a new focus on sustainable, innovative approaches. Made in honor of modern nature, we are working with sustainable resources to design, create and craft the products.

Our products are carefully made in Portugal and Italy, working with a community of exceptional craftspeople to ensure lifelong companionship.

Zellweger is working in drops of unique Editions. They allow us to express versatility and freedom in creating. Like nature we approach the concept of design organically. The starting point is always the material - the base of our products. Every Edition is created with a new sensibility to transform the material into something new, something enduring and timeless.

Creating accessories for warming comfort with a conscious mindset.

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