Zellweger Warmwear is a brand that celebrates nature, community of craftspeople and modern design. The brand focuses on the well-being of body and mind, designing homewear and accessories. All materials used are sustainable, responsibly sourced and crafted with care. With the term "warmwear," Zellweger defines a new era of warming comfort, wearability and versatility.

Founded by Kiki Albrecht, Peter Klotz and Tim Tobias Zimmermann, the brand’s name and identity “Zellweger” is inspired by the given name of one of our founder’s grandmothers. As a young child, she was adopted and taken in by a loving family and took the name of Zellweger. This act of love and taking care of each other is the foundation and inspiration of the brand: the feeling of a warm embrace.

"Warmwear" playfully stands for high-quality warming products that simultaneously combine fashion and interior accessories. The new term defines a new product category and focuses on sustainable, innovative materials. Warming comfort, wearability and versatility are just some of the attributes that Warmwear aims to make a new constant in the fashion market. 


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